Scarf/shawl/stole/scarves/wrap (Beaded fringe shawl) from Cashmere Pashmina Group B06XWBHYJQ
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  • Pashmina blend. The fabric is comprised of approximately 70% Pashmina wool and 30% Silk. The combination of Pashmina and silk makes the fabric versatile, resilient and resonates with color
  • Dry clean only. (Unfolded): Approximately 80 inches long and 36 inches wide. (Folded)17X12X0.5 inches
  • Each piece is unique as they are individually hand-beaded by skilled craftsmen. The beading is on the borders or on fringes. Perfect for evening wear, each piece is unique and can certainly claim heirloom quality. Beaded fringe shawls are available in both the sizes – Large Shawl (36”X80”) and Regular shawl (28”X78”) size, where each tassel is full of 15 to 20 beads which are manually pushed in the tassel.
  • Since we strive for the best, therefore we use the finest Czechoslovakian beads for beading and embroidery. Our Beaded fringe Pashmina large shawl and regular shawls are perfect gift as they can be used in any season and for any occasion. Available in few vibrant colors, these are sure to complement any outfit. These shawls are composed of approximately 70% Pashmina Wool and 30% Silk and are handmade in Nepal. We recommend dry cleaning only.
  • Our high quality and luxurious beaded Pashmina wraps can complement to any outfit and can fit any lifestyle. Beaded fringe shawls make a casual outfit, looking wonderful and sensational and give any outfit a new fashionable look. You can drape the wrap over your shoulders for comfort and warmth or fold to make a spectacular muffler. Some of our wraps are also complimented with beads on the tassels or fringes.
  • Beaded fringe Pashmina shawls are the most elegant accessory for evening wear or special occasions and until today they are the most used fashionable items. These shawls described the richness of the people. Some beaded Pashmina shawls are uniquely finished with hand-tied tassels, marvelous embroidery work and beautiful beaded fringes; others just have beads on fringes only. Our beaded fringe Pashmina shawls are available in three colors only namely black, Ivory and Lipstick Red
  • This accessory will be a perfect complement for traveling, casual or special formal or evening wear. It folds ever so neatly into a handbag and yet it can be unfolded into a wrap or shawl or folded a few times to make one of the luscious of scarves. As the perfect gift, it will exude taste, thoughtfulness, versatility, style and luxury all rolled into one gorgeous package!

Product description

Our beaded fringe Pashmina shawls perfectly compliment a dazzling evening outfit. Shawls are adorned with the sparkle of beaded fringes, with or without embroidery on the shawl. The Czechoslovakian beads are manually pushed into the tassels which makes each piece unique. Each Tassel has approximately 20 beads. Unfazed by the scientific age, Pashmina shawls are hand spun the same way it has been done for centuries. The hairs are gathered from the Himalayan goat called Hircus, which lives at high altitudes, 12 to 14000 feet in the mountains. The Pashmina wool is gathered by hand, stored and combed by nomadic herders. The threads are hand woven on handlooms over a silk wrap, which gives the fabric resilience. Once the fabric is loomed, each piece is hand dyed in open vats. Afterwards it is given to the different craftsmen for hand-embroidery, beading and /or printing. They are very soft and luxurious in feel. These shawls can be worn as a wrap or a scarf also. The size is 80 inches long and 36 inches wide and each shawl is finished with 2 or 2.5 inches long tassels. The fabric comprises of approximately 70% Pashmina Wool and 30% Silk. The combination of Pashmina wool and Silk makes the fabric versatile and resonating with color. These shawls are hand loomed in Nepal and India. We recommend dry cleaning.

Scarf/shawl/stole/scarves/wrap (Beaded fringe shawl) from Cashmere Pashmina Group B06XWBHYJQ