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Read our free, no obligation guide to all the different types of gold investment for investors based in the UK.

Ask yourself - is gold investment right for me?

Experts in Gold Investment

Invest from £10,000 to purchase a minimum of 10oz of gold.

We offer a range of gold investment products that provide safety and security for your portfolio by acting as "portfolio insurance". A quality asset, gold has a proven and vital role in maintaining portfolio value and stability.

Adding tangible assets in physical gold to a portfolio increases the degree of diversification by introducing an entirely different asset class, providing greater protection from market risk. This protects the total portfolio against fluctuations in the value of any one type of asset.

No longer the preserve of the mega-rich, investing in gold is much more affordable than you might think - you can invest from £10,000 as a lump sum, direct or via your pension.

Our experienced brokers assist you to invest in gold safely, and securely, providing you with the right information to assess the products and choose the right approach and the right gold investment for your personal circumstances. Once you have decided your investment strategy, we will help you source top quality physical gold bullion bars or coins and achieve the best price so as to maximize your returns.

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