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  • Gold investment can be completely tax free
  • High purity bars suitable for SIPP investment
  • No VAT on Sovereign and Britannia coins
  • Get started investing with as little as £1000

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Client Testimonials

"I had savings in a variety of banks and in a cash ISA, and all were returning below 1% interest. I also felt that I didn't even trust the stability of the banks where I held my accounts and felt there must be a better alternative to reduce any credit risk and gain better returns. I moved around 30% of those savings into gold UK coins where I have no credit exposure of any kind, and will benefit from tax free returns when it comes to sell".
Michael, Scotland - Businessman

"My wife and I are nearing retirement and big market crashes are a huge worry as we don't have the time to recover our pension value if stocks and shares tumble. Owning physical gold bars in our pension provides us with the insurance we need to ride out any potential bumps that may be around the corner."
Chris & Jane, Nottingham, semi-retired couple

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Gold as an Investment

Choose between bullion coins and bars

Although it is possible to invest in the shares of gold mining companies, or to purchase gold jewellery, for most UK investors, there are two main choices when investing in gold as part of a portfolio strategy:

Gold Bars

Gold Coins

Buy direct from dealers for the best prices

Based in London, we offer a broker-only investment service that allows you to buy gold bars and coins direct from dealers at market-leading prices. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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